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Welcome to Isle of Palms Church and Retreat.  Our doors are always open to you whether you are just beginning to investigate the Christian faith or you are a seasoned follower of Jesus Christ.  We sincerely want people of all backgrounds to feel welcome in our church.

Isle of Palms Church and Retreat is a place where you can make friends.  It is a place of  group worship services that meet in homes, businesses and hospitals.  It is a place where you can develop spiritual roots, find a place to serve, be nurtured and discover your spiritual gifts.

Our goal is to become a church like the one in the Bible: a church of prayer with compassion for those in need, biblical teaching, meaningful and inspiring worship, genuine friendships and a sense of the presence of God. We want to be a church that will touch the hearts and lives of this entire community.

You can find a home here.  People really matter to us, because people matter to God!



Pastor Ron Patton

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