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Pastor Ron Patton

Senior Pastor 

Pastor Ron has been a pastor for over 40 years.  He has a Master's Degree in Divinity, a Bachelor's Degree in Bible, and an Associate's Degree in Counseling. 


Pastor Ron began his journey as a Youth Pastor in 1973.  After two short years, he transitioned into the Lead Pastor role and has remained there ever since.  Throughout his 45 year career, he's had the privilege of serving as Senior Pastor in three different churches across the Lowcountry.       


Pastor Ron grew up listening to and observing his father's teaching as the Senior Pastor at Branchville Baptist Church outside of Orangeburg, SC.  Between his upbringing and his own experiences, he has developed a unique teaching style that captivates his audiences and makes it easy to understand God's Word.   

Rev. Levi Harwell

Associate Pastor 

Reverend Harwell grew up in South Carolina.  Upon graduation from high school, he enlisted in the United States Navy where he served faithfully for over 20 years. 


Rev. Harwell has over 4 decades of pastoral experience and has been a consistent prayer warrior for many years.  His witty sense of humor and bright smile are a wonderful addition to our Sunday Services.  He is an integral part of this church, and we are thankful to have him.  

Deborah Crowell

Administrative Assistant  

Ms. Crowell was born and raised in Mt. Pleasant, SC.  She spent 35 years in Tennessee before returning to SC to care for her elderly parents.


Ms. Crowell serves as the Administrative Assistant in the church office.  In addition to her administrative duties, she steps in to fill many other roles on an as-needed basis.  Over the past 10 years, she has consistently organized and distributed the Thanksgiving Boxes and Veteran's Christmas Shoe Boxes each year.  She is a valuable asset to the church family. 

Jaton Grant

Audio Visual Coordinator

Mr. Grant grew up in the surrounding areas of Charleston, SC. 


Mr. Grant has an Associate's Degree in Visual Arts from the Art Institute of Atlanta.  He plays a vital role in the church ministry by recording the weekly sermons and posting them on YouTube in order to help spread the Word.  The Lord has been a consistent part of his life, and we are blessed to have him.     

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